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Discover drones for your industry

Come and see how drone technology can change your field. We’ll collaborate with you to explore and evaluate your vision.

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Mapping, Survey, Elevations, Measurements, and 3D

Drones are more powerful with the right software and Apps.

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Everyday, farmers around the country are realizing that drones can play a key role in keep crops healthy and keeping costs down. 

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From inspections to safety regulations, drones are used across the country .

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Search and Rescue (SAR)

Thermal Sensors, High Zoom cameras and GIS solutions are just some ways drone technologies are helping communities.

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Consulting and Training

Together we will determine if and how drone technology will benefit your business.

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Film and Video

Drones are not only documenting from above, but can also be used as ground based steady cams. We also offer the options of on ground video stabilizer options like the DJI Ronin series.